Di-PRO Machines – Mark II

Maximum Efficiency – Minimal Vibrations

The Di-PRO® Polishing/Filing Machine is the flagship of the Diprofil family which represents a new standard of high-end polishing/filing machines with an increased focus on the operator’s well-being. With its low levels of potentially harmful vibrations it is the natural choice when operating the machine for long hours and it greatly reduces the risk of sustaining vibration related injuries, without compromising performance.

The Di-PRO® is ideal for a wide variety of applications such as filing, lapping, honing, de-burring and polishing. With its reciprocating (back and forth) movement it is an excellent alternative and/or compliment to rotary hand-pieces.

The advantages of the Mark II Di-PRO polishing/filing machine:

  • Vibration levels below 2,5 m/s²

  • Minimized risk for vibration generated injuries

  • 0 - 6 mm continuously adjustable stroke length

  • The Ø 6.4 mm tool-holder will accomodate most tools available on the market

  • Efficiency just as good as for the Classic Diprofil machine

  • Compatible with most drive-sources available on the market

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