Tool & Mould Making Tools

For more than 70 years the DIPROFIL products have been the preferred choice for tool an mould makers worldwide.

DIPROFIL/Diamantprodukter AB is world famous for the powerful polishing/filing machines and high-quality diamond, honing and lapping tools. We supply tool makers, mould makers and die-makers all over the world with a complete tool system that includes good flexibility and the approved Swedish high quality.

The DIPROFIL Tools have been developed by careful studies of fine mechanical handwork and finishing operations. They facilitate filing, lapping, honing, polishing etc. and have become an important concept in the daily work of tool making, mould making and other fine mechanical precision work.

Tool & Mould Making – Product Catalogue

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The products we offer include:

  • Polishing/Filing Machines
  • Ultrasonic Polishing Equipment
  • Diamond & CBN Tools
  • Polishing & Finishing Tools
  • Diamond Compounds
  • Precision Steel Files
  • Polishing Stones
  • Super Stones