Our History

We are proud of our history. Since Diprofil/Diamantprodukter AB was founded back in 1950 we have been serving the industry with products proudly designed and manufactured in Sweden. During the years many revolutionary products and manufacturing methods have seen the light of day. For instance, we invented the first reciprocating polishing/filing machine that revolutionized the tool and mold-making industry and we were also among the first companies in the world to manufacture electroplated diamond tools.

With 70 years of genuine experience, we look forward to continuing to serve the industry for many years to come.

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Company Milestones

1950 – Diprofil is founded by Mr. Gösta Björklund in Hägersten, Sweden
1950 – The first version of the Classic Filing machine with a reciprocating motion is introduced
1966 – The first pneumatic air-driven machines are introduced
1981 – The first version of the Diprosonic ultrasonic polishing system is introduced
1989 – The updated FM-version of the Classic machine is introduced
1992 – The Dipromini mini polishing/filing machine is introduced
1997 – The Dipromini Transverse machine is introduced
1998 – The updated FP-version of the Classic machine is introduced
2006 – The revolutionary low-vibrating Di-PRO machine is introduced
2007 – Diprofil moves to new facilities in Spånga just outside of Stockholm
2013 – Diprofil moves to bigger and more modern facilities in Spånga
2014 – The Mark II versions of both the Classic and the Di-PRO machines are introduced