Super Stones

The Super Stones are Ceramic Fibre Stones that can be used together with all the Diprofil polishing/filing machines, the Ultrasonic polishing system or by hand. Recommended for general applications on narrow surfaces and in confined spaces when a thin tool is required. Also excellent for removing the hard scale left from the EDM process.

The Super Stones are available in a thickness of 1 mm and a length of 150 mm in width 2, 4, 6, or 10 mm in grit size 120 – 1200. Click here for a table of the complete range (opens as PDF).

Super Grinders

For use together with rotary handpieces (3 mm collet) as well as with all the Diprofil polishing/filing machines. Excellent for general finishing applications. Available in Ø 3×50 mm in grit size 120 – 1200. Click here for a table of the complete range (opens as PDF).


  • Perfect for precise finishing of hard to reach and detailed surfaces such as curves, ribs and slots
  • For use on narrow areas where other stones cannot be used because of breaking
  • Heat resistance (up to 160 degrees celsius) makes them excellent for use together with Ultrasonic Polishing units
  • Can easily be cut to the desired shape and dimension
  • Will not clog even when used in relatively soft materials such as aluminium or copper
  • Very flexible and extremely tough so will not break under pressure
  • Available in Grit Size 120 - 1200 easily identified by the colour coding

Product Leaflet

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