Flexible-Shaft Driven Di-PRO Machines

The Diprofil Di-PRO® machines type FXK-N, FXS-N and FXH-N should be connected to and driven by an electrical motor with speed control, e.g., the Diprofil type DSE-47, and a flexible-shaft with slip-joint (European standard) or ball-joint connection (US standard). Corresponding motors of other brands may also be used.

Item No:

  • FXK-N (European standard slip-joint connection)
  • FXS-N (US standard ball-joint, key-hole connection)
  • FXH-N (US standard ball-joint, square-hole connection)

Operation Guide


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Technical Data
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Spare Parts
Speed (maximum): 7.000 strokes/min.
Speed (recommended): 5.000 – 6.000 strokes/min.
Stroke length: 0 – 6 mm
Stroke length (recommended): 0.5 - 3 mm
Tool-holder: Ø 6,4 mm (suitable for tool shanks Ø 2 – Ø 6,4 mm)
Weight of inserted tool: Recommended 1-15 g
Machine weight: Approx. 700 g (depending on model)
Noise level: Not exceeding 75 dB(A) at 7.000 strokes/min.
Vibration levels: Not exceeding 2.5 m/s² when operated according to the Operation Guide. Please see the downloadable Operation Guide for further information.