Di-PRO Machines – Mark II

Maximum Efficiency – Minimal Vibrations

The Di-PRO® Polishing/Filing Machine is the flagship of the Diprofil family which represents a new standard of high-end polishing/filing machines with an increased focus on the operator’s well-being. With its low levels of potentially harmful vibrations, it is the natural choice when operating the machine for long hours and it greatly reduces the risk of sustaining vibration-related injuries, without compromising performance.

The Di-PRO® is ideal for a wide variety of applications such as filing, lapping, honing, de-burring and polishing. With its reciprocating (back and forth) movement it is an excellent alternative and/or complement to rotary hand-pieces.

The Advantages of the Di-PRO Machine:

  • Vibration levels below 2,5 m/s²
  • Minimized risk for vibration generated injuries
  • 0 - 6 mm continuously adjustable stroke length
  • The Ø 6.4 mm tool-holder will accommodate most tools available on the market
  • Efficiency just as good as for the Classic Diprofil machine
  • Compatible with most drive-sources available on the market

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