Power Unit TPU-20

The Twin Power Unit TPU-20 features a dual control system suitable for both brushless and carbon brush (DC) motors (not simultaneously). Variable speed control by hand dial or by the included foot control type TPU-20-FC.

The unit is available for both 110 and 220 V power input and is supplied with a hand-piece cradle and a convenient magnetic tool-holder.

Item No:

TPU-20-220V (220V version)

TPU-20-110V (110V version)

Main Features:

  • Digital display showing the speed in rpm
  • Maximum torque set mode
  • Maximum speed set mode
  • Built in handle for best portability
  • Foot control with auto-cruise speed function
  • Error code display function
  • Self-diagnosis system

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Technical Data
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Input 220V version: AC 200 - 240 V at 50/60 Hz
Input 110V version: AC 100 - 120 V at 50/60 Hz
Output: DC 0 – 32 V (1,6 A), BLDC 0 – 32 V (1,6 A)
Power DC: Max. 185 W
Power BLDC: Max. 245 W
Weight power unit: 2,9 kg
Dimensions power unit: W137 x D232 x H180 mm
Weight foot control: 575 g

Available Models

DPU-3 (2)

Power Unit DPU-3