Original Diprofil Rotary Hand-piece type HPX

For heavy duty polishing, grinding and deburring

The HPX Rotary Hand-piece has been designed to withstand heavy-duty work in a wide variety of applications such as surface finishing, grinding and deburring.

Available with connections for flexible-shafts of both European and US standard, this hand-piece has been 100% designed and manufactured in Sweden. The rigid construction, incorporating a minimum amount of parts that are likely to break down over time, will increase the life expectancy and reduce the costs for service and maintenance.

To accomodate a wide variety of tools the hand-piece includes both Ø 3.0 and Ø 6.0 mm collets with an optional Ø 2.35 mm (3/32″) collet available as an accessory.

Even aggressive tools like carbide cutters and large diameter polishing tools, that create a lot of friction, can be securely fastened in the collet to avoid the risk of tools slipping during operation.

Item Nos: 

  • HPX-S (European standard slip-joint connection)

  • HPX-B (US standard ball-joint, key-hole connection)

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Technical data

Speed (maximum): 18.000 rpm
Collet: Ø 3.0 and 6.0 mm included (optional Ø 2.35 mm (3/32") available)
Weight: 300 g
Dimensions: Ø 31 x 171 mm
Noise level: < 70 dB(A) at 18.000 rpm
Vibration levels: < 2.5 m/s²