Exciting news ahead spring 2019

During spring 2019 Diprofil will be launching a new line of heavy-duty rotary hand-pieces with flexible shaft connection. The main objective has been to design and develop a line of rotary hand-pieces that will be suitable for heavy-duty polishing, grinding and deburring applications. The hand-pieces, that will be 100% designed and manufactured in Sweden, will require a minimum amount of maintenance and will also be very easy to repair.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

The Dipromini FMR now available with E-fit connection

The Dipromini FMR mini polishing/filing machine with 1,0 mm stroke length is now available with the E-fit standard connection. This will make it compatible with a lot of different micro-motor systems available on the market.

Please contact Diprofil if you would like to receive a special offer for a demo unit.

Item No: FMR/I10

Diprofil met with US strategic partner Alliance at the NPE in Orlando

During the 2018 NPE Plastics Show in Orlando, Florida Diprofil had the pleasure to meet with US strategic partner, brand ambassador and polishing specialists Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales.

Want to know why Alliance prefer to work only with DIPROFIL polishing machines? Please check out thisĀ video!