Polishing Stones

At DIPROFIL you can find polishing stones for various polishing and finishing applications such as EDM-scale removal. For more information about recommended use, please see the respective series as stated in the PDF files below.

All the Diprofil polishing stones are delivered in packages of 12 pieces except for the ones marked in the tables with * (star) which come in packages of 6 pieces.

Non-standard stones are also available upon request. If you wish to know more, please contact us via e-mail.


Our most popular series containing hard Aluminium Oxide. A hard-structured stone, especially developed for the removal of the hard “scale” left by the Electrical Discharge Machining process. Read more about our dimensions and grit sizes for EDM-series (opens as PDF-document).


Soft Aluminium Oxide. A very accurately graded aluminium oxide stone. Soft bonded with rapid breakdown for final finish work. Read more about our dimensions and grit sizes for FAO-series (opens as PDF-document).


Resilient resin bonded stone. Extremely snap resistant. Does not scratch or load. The resin helps to produce a silky finish. Read more about our dimensions and grit sizes for HCM-series (opens as PDF-document).


Semi-hard Aluminium Oxide which is widely used for removal of EDM surfaces and for finishing heat-treated moulds and dies. Especially good for slots and ribs. The stones are oil-filled to prevent loading. They break down slowly and retains shape. Read more about our dimensions and grit sizes for MOL-series (opens as PDF-document).


Semi-hard Aluminium Oxide. Excellent for all mould and die surface finishing. Fast cutting and breaks down slower than the SSC-series. Good for fine EDM surfaces. Read more about our dimensions and grit sizes for SCM-series (opens as PDF-document).


Medium-soft Silicon Carbide for general mould and die polishing. Breaks down evenly and retains shape. Will not load. Very fast cutting. Recommended for heat-treated surfaces. Also good for milled and turned surfaces. Read more about our dimensions and grit sizes for SSC-series (opens as PDF-document).

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