MetalRustGuard – FAQ


What is MetalRustGuard?
MetalRustGuard is a non-toxic (FDA Approved) protective wrap to prevent rust and corrosion on any type of metal. Because MetalRustGuard contains no VOC’s or harsh chemicals in its manufacturing, it can be used on the installation of any metal without harm to the user applying it or to the environment it is placed in.

What is MetalRustGuard made of?
MetalRustGuard’s base material is a hydrophobic polypropylene. The polypropylene prevents water molecules and vapor to transmit through the cover. It also makes the material tailored to be cut and used as needed. The adhesiveness of the material is a proprietary wax formula that provides essential barrier properties that prevents harmful contaminates in the atmosphere from corroding the metal inside. The wax is food grade and contains all non-toxic ingredients making MetalRustGuard safe to be applied by hand.

The base fabric made from polypropylene provides an exceptional abrasion shield which is an added benefit for protection of valuable moulds and dies. The industry of plastic injection moulding and tooling has never received such a benefit like it has with MetalRustGuard!

How does MetalRustGuard keep metal corrosion free?
MetalRustGuard’s ingredients create an impenetrable barrier to various weather conditions including high humidity and extreme cold from affecting its performance. Polypropylene’s chemical properties do not absorb water, but act like a water retardant pushing water away. The wax performs as a superior inhibitor against harmful contaminates to metal including acids and solvents. It has also been certified effective when used in marine and salt water environments making it ideal to be used for shipping metal around the world.

What sizes does MetalRustGuard come in?
MetalRustGuard comes in roll form in sizes from 11-90 cm. The material can also be perforated at a desired length for quicker application, maximizing production and minimizing waste. MetalRustGuard offers a custom-built and practically priced printing service for company logos, designs, or product specifications on the material, which provides excellent branding and a professional packaging touch.

Does MetalRustGuard need any prep work or adhesives to work?
Not at all! MetalRustGuard is self-adhesive and does not require any other Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) product to be used. It replaces the need for expensive and wasteful VCI bags and films or greasy rust inhibitors that are hazardous and difficult to clean. The installation is simple. Light pressure on the material to the metal prevents rust and corrosion without any other equipment needed.

MetalRustGuard is perfect for packaging, storing and shipping moulds and mould components, preserving your valuable equipment and brand.

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