Hanging Motor & Flexible-Shaft

Diprofil Hanging Motor


The hanging motor type DSE-47 is the natural choice of power source when working with flexible-shaft driven Classic and Di-PRO polishing/filing machines and rotary handpieces. The package includes motor, flexible-shaft and foot control.

For the best possible functionality and to avoid unnecessary damage to the flexible-shaft, we recommend using the suspension stand type UGC as specified below.

Technical Data
Input: AC 115/230 V
Power output:   150 W
Speed: Max. 15.000 rpm
Noise: < 70 dB(A) at 15.000 rpm
Vibrations: < 2,5 m/s²

Item No. DSE-47-220V




Flexible-shaft with slip-joint connection (European standard) for the DSE-47 hanging motor. Inner cable is Ø 5 mm.

Item No. UKB-3/30T





Suspension Stand


Suspension stand for hanging motors i.e. the Diprofil DSE-47-220V.

Item No: UGC


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