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Diprofil Twin Power Unit – TPU-20

The Twin Power Unit TPU-20 featuring dual control system is suitable for both brushless and carbon brush (DC) motors (not simultaneously). It has variable speed, controlled by hand dial or by the included foot control type TPU-20-FC. The unit is available for both 110 and 220 V power input and is supplied with a hand-piece cradle and a convenient magnetic tool-holder.

Main features:twin-power-unit

  • Digital display showing the speed in rpm
  • Maximum torque set mode
  • Maximum speed set mode
  • Built in handle for best portability
  • Foot control with auto-cruise speed function
  • Error code display function
  • Self-diagnosis system
Technical Data
Input: AC 200 ~ 240 V at 50/60 Hz
Output: DC 0 – 32 V (1,6 A), BLDC 0 – 32 V (1,6 A)
Power DC: Max. 185 W
Power BLDC: Max. 245 W
Weight power unit: 2,9 kg
Dimensions power unit: W137 x D232 x H180 mm
Weight foot control: 575 g
Input Voltage    Item No.
220 V TPU-20-220V
110 V TPU-20-110V

Diprofil Power Unit – DPU-3

This compact and ergonomic power unit is designed for use together with dedicated rotary handpieces and Classic and Di-PRO reciprocating polishing/filing machines with carbon brush (DC) micro-motors. The unit is supplied with a foot control type DPU-3-FC for optional speed adjustment.

Diprofil-Power-UnitMain features:

  • High torque
  • Electrical feedback circuitry
  • Continuously variable speed
  • Forward/reverse switch
  • Automatic overload protection
Technical Data
Input: AC 110 ~ 220 V at 50/60 Hz
Output: DC 0 – 32 V (1,2 A)
Power: Max. 100 W
Weight power unit: 1,7 kg
Dimensions power unit: W115 x D147 x H96 mm
Weight foot control: 585 g

Item No: DPU-3

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