The New Tool-Holder

The New Tool-Holder from Diprofil for improved ergonomics


Diprofil’s Classic and Di-PRO® Polishing/Filing Machines are now available in Mark II editions incorporating a new tool-holder to improve ergonomics and flexibility.


The New Tool-Holder with the optional extension pipe

The design and functionality of the new tool-holder, which is incorporated on both the Classic and the low-vibrating Di-PRO® models, will improve both ergonomics and flexibility for mould polishers and tool makers. As there is no longer any need for the operators to put their tool guiding hand or fingers on moving tools and/or machine parts, the risk of sustaining vibration related injuries such as hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) will be reduced significantly.

The new tool-holder (Item No. FXA-T/P) minimizes the contact with moving parts and thereby the risk of sustaining vibration related injuries.

The extension pipe (Item no. FXA-104) that can be assembled on the tool-holder makes it possible to guide even very long tools close to the work piece.  The extension pipe can easily be cut to the desired length to fit different tools and applications and is included in the kit.

The new tool-holder is also available separately as an accessory for replacement on old machines. NOTE! This product is only compatible with Classic and Di-PRO machines fitted with a 6,4 mm tool-holder. It is NOT compatible with machines fitted with a 3,5 mm tool-holder.

Please check out the Operation Guide here for more technical details.

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