Mini Polishing/Filing Machines

The natural choice when working on difficult to reach surfaces


Diprofil-Dipromini-polishing-machine Diprofil-Dipromini-polishing-machine

The Mini polishing/filing machines are available with three different stroke lengths: 0,5 mm, 1,0 mm and 1,5 mm and they are excellent for working on difficult and hard-to-reach surfaces. The low weight and the elaborated ergonomic design both result in a more effective finishing and polishing work.

Dipromini polishing machine is also the primary choice for the manufacturers and suppliers of tools and equipment for jewellers and goldsmiths.

Because of its compact and handy dimension and because it offers total control even when working in the most narrow spaces on delicate work-pieces, the Dipromini is very much appreciated by our clients in the jewellery industry (check out here Diprofil’s broad offer of jewellery tools).

For the lowest possible vibrations level, we recommend using light weight tools and tool-holders such as the Diprofil® tool-holders THFS-1 and THPS-3.

Please check out the Operation Guide below for more technical details.

Operation Guide

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