Flexible-shaft Driven Classic Machines – Mark II

The Diprofil Classic Machines type FPK/R, FPS/R and FPH/R  are driven by an electrical motor with speed control e.g. Diprofil type DSE-47 and a flexible shaft with slip-joint (European standard) or ball-joint connection (US standard). Corresponding motors of other brands may also be used.

The flexible-shaft driven Classic machines are available with a Ø 6.4 mm tool-holder.



FPK/R with the extension pipe assembled


Connection   Item No.
Slip-joint (European standard) FPK/R
Ball-joint, key-hole (US standard) FPS/R
Ball-joint, square-hole (US standard) FPH/R

Technical Data

Speed (maximum): 8.000 strokes/min.
Speed (recommended): 5.000 – 6.000 strokes/min.
Stroke length: 0 – 6 mm (recommended 0,5 – 3 mm).
Tool-holder: Ø 6.4 mm (suitable for tool shanks Ø 2 – Ø 6,4 mm).
Weight of inserted tool: Maximum: 26 g. Recommended: 1-15 g.
Applied feed force: 2-12 N (depending on inserted tool type and dimension).
Machine weight: Approx. 575 g. (depending on model).
Noise level: not exceeding 70 dB(A) at 6.000 rpm. According to ISO 15744.
Vibration levels:  See information on page 14 in the operation guide.

Click on the images below to see the spare parts lists for the Item No. FPK/R, FPS/R and FPH/R respectively:


diprofil-spare parts FPH-R-diprofi-spare-parts