Flexible-Shaft Driven Di-PRO® Machines – Mark II

The FXK-N, FXS-N and FXH-N models are driven by an electrical motor with speed control e.g. Diprofil type DSE-47 and a flexible-shaft with slip-joint (European standard) or ball-joint connection (US standard). Corresponding motors of other brands may also be used.

The flexible-shaft driven Di-PRO® machines are available with a Ø 6,4 mm tool-holder.




FXK-N with the extension pipe assembled

Connection   Item No.
Slip-joint (European standard) FXK-N
Ball-joint, key-hole (US standard) FXS-N
Ball-joint, square-hole (US standard) FXH-N

Technical Data

Speed (maximum): 7.000 rpm
Speed (recommended): 5.000 – 6.000 rpm
Stroke length: 0 – 6 mm. (recommended 0,5 – 3 mm). NOTE! At stroke lengths exceeding 4 mm we recommend a maximum speed of 5.000 rpm.
Tool-holder: Ø 6,4 mm (suitable for tool shanks Ø 2 – Ø 6,4 mm)
Weight of inserted tool: Maximum 34 g. Recommended 1-15 g.
Applied feed force: 2-12N (depending on inserted tool type and dimension).
Machine weight: Approx. 700 g. (depending on model).
Noise level: not exceeding 75 dB(A) at 7.000 rpm
Vibration levels: Please see page 17 in the operation guide.

For more information about vibration levels when using certain tools at different speeds and stroke lengths, please see the corresponding operation guide. Frequency weighed hand/arm vibration  is principally in accordance with ISO 28927-8.

Click on the images below to see the spare parts lists for the Items No. FXK-N, FXS-N and FXH-N respectively:

Di-PRO-polishing-machine Di-PRO-polishing-machine