Diamond Machine Files

Electroplated Diamond Files for the polishing/filing machines



The Diprofil® Diamond Files are made from carefully selected diamonds, precisely bonded to obtain the best physical properties for added strength and resistance to wear. The machine files are excellent for use on carbide, hardened steel, glass, ceramics and other similar materials.

Diprofil offers a wide variety of different diamond files to be used in the Diprofil polishing/filing machines. Many types are available both as single files and in assorted sets of 6-10 different files.

Our Diamond Tips type DLT and LTA come in packages of 3 pieces and can be used with the Mini polishing/filing machines.

The diamond machine files type DLA®, DLE, DLF and DLK come in different shapes and dimensions and with grit size D64, D151 and D181.

For other shapes, dimensions and grit sizes please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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