Protect Your Moulds Against Corrosion and Abrasion

DIPROFIL has become the exclusive European distributor of MetalRustGuard!


MetalRustGuard is a polypropylene and wax based material that protects against rust and corrosion on all types of metal, like for example moulds and mould components.

The material is FDA approved and green, is very easy to apply and to remove and it has the added benefit of acting as a protection barrier against scratches and abrasion. Because of this, it is an ideal product for the mould and die industry.

In the photo below the metal was exposed to salt water by total immersion for weeks (very corrosive). MetalRustGuard covered one side while the other side was exposed.


Check out our dedicated page to find out more information about MetalRustGuard – the best rust and corrosion inhibitor.

You can also watch the demonstration video here:

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