Diprofil at Elmia Verktygsmaskiner and Plastpol Exhibitions

During the month of May Diprofil has been present at both the Elmia Verktygsmaskiner (Tools) exhibition in Jönköping, Sweden (on May 10-13th) and at the Plastpol exhibition in Kielce, Poland (on May 17-20th).

At Elmia Verktygsmaskiner, Diprofil was represented by our Swedish distributor Normek Försäljnings AB. Since it was many years ago that an exhibition in Sweden attracted such a large number of visitors, the exhibition has to be considered a success.


At the annual Plastpol exhibition, who by the way celebrated their 20th edition, Diprofil was represented by our Polish distributor Multi-Instal. The exhibition which was attended by some 18.500 business insiders once again broke the record for the number of visitors.


During the Plastpol exhibition there was in general a lot of interest for the Diprofil products, but the low-vibrating Di-PRO polishing/filing machines caught the attention in particular.

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